Good Morning Sunshine!

Solid day at the office yesterday/last night. Psyched for whatever today brings. Which is likely to be two box trucks full of AV crap. And by “crap” I mean “really cool lights and sound system that will cost approximately 1 kazzilion dollars to replace should we break them. durka. <3 Pete

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Who’s Going To Win The Men’s Pro Division?

Daniel Woods? Magnus Mitboe? Maybe a dark horse like Jimmy Webb or Julian Bautista? What about the local hero?

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The Crew is Rolling in and World Premier of TK’s Hip Hop Video!

Wednesday is when comp week really starts kicking off. Worldwide climbing celebrities like Ivan Greene (OMG he’s sooo dreamy!) swing by to see whaddup. Super stud “Carebear” Kary Williams is here. “Peachy” Pete Clark arrived late last night (see previous post). and Mon Voyage Neon himself will be arriving later today. It’s a cozy little [...]

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Wednesday Morning And It Is ON

Whatever “On” means…

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Feeling The Love

Energy is building around comp week. It’s nice, as always, when people start to notice and today we got some love from the folks at, which could be the most heavily trafficked climbing site in the world. Being on their front page makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Last night was pretty [...]

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We’re in Jersey. Growing Mustaches.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This rock climbing shit is serious business. Which is why we’re screwing plastic to walls, working hard to get everyone where they want to be in the running order, and making spreadsheets with items like “Pirate Flag: 1 large (maybe need another?)” in them. We are [...]

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A Monster Summer of Comp Climbing is About to Heat up.

First, one week from today, is the Gravity Brawl. Which can’t really be compared to anything else. It is it’s own animal. Then, in two weeks, is the World Cup at the Teva Games in Vail, CO. Finally, two months FROM TODAY, is the best competition at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market: Things are looking [...]

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