What we’re projecting this week…

Lots going on at the UBC offices these days so we thought a little update was in order. We’re less than two weeks out from ABS Nationals and we’re filling our Google Calendars with travel itineraries and meetings with sponsors and partners.

But that’s not all that’s going on. Check out some of our other projects…

    Expanding the UBC offices V4 range ★★★★
    We’re growing! The UBC offices have now doubled in size which means new furniture, more white boards and more wall space for Jason’s Cat Fancy posters.

    UBC Sponsor Overview Book V7 range ★★★
    Super time consuming project resulting in heavy brainstorming, bare knuckle sparing, market research and lots of trips to the local print shop. The project is finally nearing completion and we’re psyched to use this in our conversations with potential sponsors like Red Bull, The North Face, Jeep, Gramicci, etc. Interesting fact that made it’s way into the picture book: More people participated in climbing in 2010 than BMX, whitewater kayaking and surfing COMBINED!

    Updated UBC Business Plan V12 range ★★★★
    This is going to be a big one! We’re talking tons of research, number crunching, more brainstorms and more bare knuckle sparing but the reward will be worth it for sure.

    “Who will win ABS Nationals?” Promo V0 range ★★★★★
    Yeah that’s right, this is a 5 star V0 because it’s fun as hell to put together a contest where people can vote on their favorite female athlete to win ABS Nationals and then raffle off an awesome Alpine Project jacket from The North Face!

    The West Wing of the UBC Offices - Pete Ward

    The East Wing of the UBC Offices - Jason Danforth

    UBC Sponsor Overview Brainstorming pre Bare Knuckles Sparing

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